Adopting a child can be one of the most magical times in a family’s life who have been searching for the final piece to their puzzle for quite some time. It is important to retain qualified legal counsel to guide you through the adoption process to ensure that all aspects of the adoption run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. By working with an attorney through this process they will help you avoid costly and time-consuming setbacks, as well as being informed throughout the entire process.
Here is why you should work with an attorney throughout the adoption process:

1. The adoption process can be confusing. An attorney can help you with the process of finding an agency to work with, as well as helping you get all the necessary paperwork in order to finalize the adoption by grandparent, stepparent or relative.

2. Adoption can be an expensive and lengthy process. Having an attorney will help you stay informed of all the facts surrounding your situation so that you are better prepared for the road ahead.

3. There are numerous legal guidelines surrounding adoption that can be confusing. If you are unfamiliar with adoption laws or even the different types of adoption available, it is a good idea to retain a lawyer who can ensure that you meet the necessary legal requirements before a hurdle occurs.

4. You may need to complete a home study before an adoption can be finalized. This requirement varies based on a number of factors, upon which an attorney can view your situation as a whole and guide you in the direction necessary to determine if the home study can be waived or not.

5. You will need to file a petition with the court to begin the adoption process. This will then be followed by a court hearing. You can enlist the help of a North Carolina family law attorney to assist you with the necessary paperwork and represent you during the hearing.

If you would like further information on the adoption process and how we can help, we invite you to contact Capital to Coast NC Law Group to schedule an appointment.

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