To everything, there is a season…even divorce, researchers from sociologists at the University of Washington have concluded. A new 14-year study of divorce filings within the state of Washington has found that March and August are the most common times for family vacations. Could that be the reason you are separating from your spouse? Based on this research, it quite possibly could be…

Researchers believe that March and August tend to be common times for divorce for multiple reasons. Couples may attempt to mend relationships and start fresh with a change in season, the New Year, or within the summer months. Holidays, combined with warmer summer weather, tend to be happier times for couples. People then raise their expectations, despite the problems inherent to the relationship.

When the vacation that took months to plan doesn’t go as planned, combined with a marriage that’s already on the rocks, spouses may be quicker to take actions towards a divorce. At times, vacations are used as a way for a couple to work on their problems in a neutral environment. This would explain the spike of filings in August, which indicates a failed end of summer vacation.

All relationships have their own unique quirks and pitfalls. No amount of research will be able to explain each party’s reason behind getting divorced. Research does put in some credible points as to why humans null and void their problems during certain times of the year. A vacation will not solve all the problems, but it may be a good place to start.

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