A question our firm often gets is whether a formal survey of the land should be completed prior to closing. This is a subject that many buyers have questions about, as it can be a little pricey, especially when you are already funneling out money for the purchase itself. Getting a survey of the property is optional, but there are some benefits of having this done early on.

1.Boundary Lines
a. The biggest reason for ordering a survey is for setting boundary lines. A survey maps out the exact points in which your property ends and begins. This may be helpful later when there is a tree you want to remove but are not sure whose property it is legally located. If there is a survey on the lot, you can see whose property the tree is actually on.

2.Easements and Restrictions
a. The surveyor will also inform you if there are any easements or restrictions on the property. Once moving into your new home, you may realize there are people constantly using your driveway. Having a survey would let you know there is an easement that allows your neighbors to use your driveway to access their home.

3.Future Additions
a. If you ever decide you want to build on your lot, a survey will come in handy. There are restrictions as to how close you can build to your property edges that will need to be known before work can begin. If a survey is already in place, you will be able to start construction much quicker.

4.Fences and Walls
a. It is also useful to have a survey when putting up a fence. Sometimes, owners want to build a fence on their own lot. Other times, neighbors come to an agreement on a shared fence, located exactly on the boundary line. Having a formal survey in place will make sure the fence or wall is located on the correct property, to avoid future legal disputes.

In conclusion, it is up to you, the buyer, if you would like to invest in a survey. We highly recommend getting a survey, as it can save you time and frustration. They may be a little costly upfront, but the future benefits are something to take into consideration. As your closing attorney, Capital to Coast NC Law Group can provide you with a list of reputable surveyors for you to choose or they can select one for you with little to no hassle to you. All you need to do is let us know you would like a surveyor to go to the property, sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest!

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