It is not uncommon for a person or couple to decide to divorce over the holidays, but many people chose to wait until after the New Year to file. Could it be those New Year’s Resolutions to be happy that spark people to file for divorce? Who knows, but here are just a few things that you should consider before starting the divorce proceedings over the holidays.

1. Consult an Attorney. If you and your spouse have discussed divorce, the most important next step is to speak with an experienced attorney. Try not to wait until after the holiday’s to do this because, (a) you spouse may have already sought legal counsel and (b) an attorney can identify issues that you may not have had on your radar and will provide advice, support, and relief that will help you better enjoy your holiday.

2. Gather the needed information. The sooner that you schedule a conference with an experienced attorney, they will be able to guide you through the process of all the necessary documents that you may be required to show. This will help to implement strategies to help resolve your case favorably.

3. Keep the process away from the children. If you have children, you know that this is one of the most special times for them. If you are initiating divorce during this time, it is your decision whether to tell them or wait. Remember to keep all arguments between you and your spouse private to make the holiday season as enjoyable as you can for your children.

If you are thinking of filing for divorce, contact Capital to Coast NC Law Group. We can help provide the legal guidance and emotional support you need to get through this time.