The average cost for a family home in Greenville, NC is around $149,476 (“About Greenville”). This is lower than the national average. As a growing city, the cost of living is slightly higher in Greenville compared to the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a smaller living space, there are plenty of apartments, condos, and duplexes to consider. When searching for a new home, Pitt county will not disappoint in its variety of options.


In Greenville, NC alone there are available jobs for over 270 major occupations, not including openings county wide (“Greenville, NC”). While the medical field is what draws many people to our area, there are also many jobs in areas such as business, law, retail, education, food services, real estate, and many more. Upon your move, you should have all the opportunity they desire in their job search.


If you are worried about your children transferring schools, there is no need to panic. Pitt County is home to over 20 public elementary schools, 8 public middle schools, 7 public high schools, 20 private schools, 1 community college and 1 university (“Home”). With the abundance of educational facilities, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your children.


While it is common to own a vehicle, it is not imperative to living in Greenville. The GREAT Bus systems offers city wide transportation six days a week. There are six different bus routes with multiple stops on each (“Fares & Passes”). You may visit http://www.greenvillenc.gov/government/public-works/great-bus-system for more information on pricing as well as the bus schedule. If you would like to opt for a different mode of transportation, Greenville is also home to many taxi services as well as UBER.

Moving can be stressful, especially when you have a family involved. It is important to have an attorney handle your closing that is familiar with the area as well as the laws in place. Here at Capital to Coast Law Group, we have many Pitt County Natives that would love to make the transition as smooth as possible! We are eager to help you with your legal needs from being your real estate closing attorney to preparing your estate documents now that you are a resident of North Carolina even to helping you with your traffic tickets. We are here to Meet Your Legal Needs and Exceed Your Expectations. Welcome to Greenville and we can’t wait to meet you!

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